Funneling Light

This little curl of colored wood broke off my front door wreath when I took it down. I set it on the windowsill intending to throw it away. But I couldn’t help noticing how the deep red captured and focused light.

The frayed edges nearly glowing under the sun. This everyday bit of junk, under the light, became something sacred.

And so it is with life. It isn’t a question of how much time I spend doing sacred, special things, but how I practice the mundane, boring, daily grind—the “secular” if you will. Do I focus the light?

3 thoughts on “Funneling Light

  1. I think how we interact with the daily, ordinary can elevate them to the sacred. Your attention, your focus counts each object as worthy and in doing so recognizes the presence of God in that moment! Thank you for realigning my focus this morning Janyre!

  2. Focus is my word for this year, and your post popped out at me! My immediate thought was as we focus on the light (or as we simply soak in it), we increasingly reflect it. Even if we feel like a broken off piece of junk. Thanks for this, Janyre.

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