In Living Color

Most of you know that I had surgery a few weeks ago. My recovery is going well. But I’m beginning to lose patience with myself and I’m beginning to think I may never wear pants with an actual waistband again.

So I set myself a goal of walking outside every day and appreciating spring…because, let’s be honest, there’s something about spring. Since I generally share my week with you, I thought you might enjoy seeing my world in living color.

In case you’re wondering, the extreme close-up shots are taken with my iPhone 5S with an Olloclips 14x Macro lens. The rest are a combination of my phone and my Nikon D3200.
The edges of a pink hyacinth. 



A misty day is beautiful on the curves of a grape hyacinth.
Channeling Georgia O’Keefe in tulip form. If you’re not familiar with this American artist, she’s incredible.
I love the intense yellow flowers on the tips of these trees. They’re tiny and you’d miss them entirely if you weren’t looking closely.


The curl of an opening hosta.
My dude…gotta catch all these fluffy dandelion seeds on the way back from the bus.
I can smell these sand cherry blessings across the yard. Yum!
Be still my bleeding heart.
My girl needed an MRI on her leg and look at these awesome rocks outside the MRI unit.
Yellow tulips in perfect color-wheel contrast to grape hyacinth.
More blossoms in the trees. These are wild black cherry.
Lungwort blossoms. I wish I’d thought to take a picture of the leaves. They’re polka dotted!









7 thoughts on “In Living Color

  1. Janyre:

    This is a fine collection of photographs. You have a keen eye for the beauty of God’s creation. I especially like you Georgia O’Keefe tulip! The blossoms you didn’t identify are from the Wild Black Cherry tree.

    I wish you a full and fast recovery. Thanks for sharing your unique viewpoint of our delicious spring.


    Richard Havenga

    1. Thanks Richard! I purchased those tulip bulbs years ago and wish I would have bought more. I’ve kept my eye out for them ever since, but haven’t found more. I’m updating the description of the Wild Black Cherry tree. Thanks for the information!

  2. Janyre, I love your resolve to focus on beauty. Your photos are gorgeous! I’m amazed what an iPhone can do with that nifty camera attachment! May you be given continued healing.

    1. Should have added “in the hands of an artist” to “…what an iPhone can do with that nifty camera attachment.” Not just anyone can do that, even with the right equipment.

      1. I’m amazed at what the iPhone can pull off too. I’d love to someday buy a macro lens for my Nikon, but those carry a much heftier price tag!

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