Beauty Behind the Macro Lens

There are times when life gets too big, my vision too full of debris and clutter that threaten to trap me. And I must focus small to get through. The macro shot bringing life down to leaf-sized, manageable pieces. There’s just something about the tight focus.

So I bring you the beauty in the small, tiny veins of a brittle leaf, the light caught in the edges of an evergreen needle, and the rich brown rings on a fungus. May these humble images bring you a moment’s joy for the week.

5 thoughts on “Beauty Behind the Macro Lens

    1. Thanks. My poor husband put up with me taking these. Walking with me when I have my camera is a little like walking with a 2-year-old—we both stop every 3 seconds to look at something more closely. We didn’t get much exercise, but we had a great time anyway 🙂

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