There’s Something About Accountability

AccountabilityI didn’t want to write today. The last two posts were a little hard for me to write. I was walking lines, trying to step carefully, not sure if I had crossed over or not. That feeling of insecurity, combined with the busyness of the holidays and starting the first round of edits for my novel, has left me a little done in.

But I made a promise to you and myself that I would purposefully look for, see, and celebrate the good things. And that promise forced me to look today.

To see the gorgeous sunrise and watch in wonder as the sun’s spark slowly spread from a tiny spot to flames spreading from horizon to horizon.

To hear the laughter in my sister’s voice despite the hard things she endures.

To feel the heat in my home and good food filling my stomach.

So today, I thank you. Whether you know it or not, you are my accountability, my outside-myself-reason to keep finding beauty, to keep writing, and frankly, to not play it safe.

Today you helped me find the beauty in the world so filled with amazing things, I often miss the overflowing and take it for granted.

So if you took my challenge earlier this week and decided to not play it safe, what are you doing to be sure you will actually take that step? If you’re willing, I would love to know what your dreams and hopes are for the coming year. Maybe we can help keep each other accountable.

2 thoughts on “There’s Something About Accountability

  1. Oh, wow. Not playing it safe is so hard in writing. But playing it safe is hard, too. It’s agonizing, really, trying to walk that line. I think we need the Spirit to guide, and help from our friends who can show us what others might read into our words–so that we don’t say what we’re not meaning to.

    I had to laugh, just now. My little dog is beside me snoring so loud. Wouldn’t it be great to be him? But we each must be what our Creator designed us to be. For you and me–we must be “writers”. Thankful for you, friend!

    1. Thank YOU for your encouragement. My little dog makes me laugh too. He walks around terrified of everything though, so I’m not sure I’d want to be him . . . but then again, maybe I am! 🙂

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