There’s Something about Thursday: Two Ways to a Better Home Life

There’s Something about Thursday: Two Ways to a Better Home Life

Changing the way you look at your daily life, because there’s something about the way you think.

It’s Thursday, the day we stop and wonder, giving a nod to the things that make us stop and say, “There’s something about . . . “


2 Ways to a Better LifeA quick trip through the medical research in cyberspace will have you convinced that your brain is an amazing creation. Extremely powerful.

In addition to keeping your body functioning, there is research that proves a correlation between positive thinking and lower stress, healthier bodies, etc. All done with your brain. Who knew?

But positive thinking is a little easier said than done when you try and bring it home.

I don’t know about you men out there, but when ladies get together, we have a tendency to gripe. We talk about the incompetent boss at work, our annoying kids, our husband, the lazy slob. And suddenly we all feel more miserable than we did before.

It isn’t that we aren’t being real. My hubby and kids do stuff that drive me crazy. But here’s the thing, negative thoughts are just as powerful as positive ones. You are what you think. Let me repeat that:

You are what you think.

Positive thoughts are like the fruits and vegetables for your life.

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Maybe not exciting or tempting, but critical to your survival.

But negative thoughts? Well, those are like the equivalent of teeth rotting, fat causing, empty calorie candy that just isn’t worth it.

I can already hear the arguments. “But you don’t know my husband . . .” You’re right I don’t, but most of us are married to basically good guys and we have basically good lives.

Let me challenge you to do two things and see what a difference it makes:

(1) For a whole week, don’t gripe about your husband or kids to anyone.

Just adding in fruits and vegetables to your thought diet will help, but you’ll need to cut out the bad too. Candy’s addictive and so are bad thoughts. Take those negative things captive. Wrap them up and put them out of reach.

(2) Find one thing good to think about and start there.

But I am going to make you work for it. Don’t choose the easy area. Choose the thing in your life where you’re struggling most.

If it’s your hubby. Maybe it’s something your hubby does for your family (He works hard, he plays with the kids, he puts his shoes away), or it’s a memory (When he asked you out for the first time or the look on his face when he held your child for the first time)

If it’s your job. Maybe it’s paying the bills (at least most of the time), or helping you practice patience, or maybe there’s someone there who makes you smile.

You get the idea.

We can all find one thing. And then tomorrow, find another. And the day after, another.

By the time next Thursday rolls around, you’ll have a list started and you’ll be on your way to beefing up your positive muscles. Post your list somewhere and keep it going. You’ll be surprised the difference it will make.

And if you want bonus points, go to the comments and list a good thing or two about your life. It just might encourage us all to keep on thinking positive.

I’ll go first and I’ll list two (’cause I’m an overachiever that way.) . . . 1. My hubs made a million calls to roofing companies last week to come fix our leaking roof. And 2. he loves snuggling with my kids as they fall asleep. (And I only picked the hubs because it’s Valentine’s Day in a few days. Love you!)

Now it’s your turn . . .


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