There’s Something About Tuesday: Ordinary


I can hear the whir of the dryer just under the sound of the kids playing soccer in the front yard. Dinner isn’t made. It’s five o’clock. And I can’t make myself worry about it. I’m having too much fun watching the kids laugh as they chase the ball—my girl with focused determination and my dude with antics and laughter.

The sun is breathing the first heat of spring and my skin soaks it up. Sometime within the last few days the daffodils have shot out of the ground and the buds have tipped, nearly bursting with their glorious yellow skirts. And the robins, frogs, ducks, heron, and other fair-weather friends have returned in full force creating a symphonic cacophony of summer sounds.

I can’t get enough.


In two months time it will all be so ordinary. And it’s a shame that the wonderful ordinary will go unnoticed.

I’ll be tempted leave behind the wonder when the everdayness wears the glory thin.

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So today, I challenge myself along with you to remember. Remember the blackness of the ant crawling across the sun warmed deck. The fluffiness of the first dandelion gone to seed. The smell of fresh air and dirt stained kids.

Savor today. Taste and see that it is good.

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Now it’s your turn. Share your favorite wonderful ordinary with the rest of us…

3 thoughts on “There’s Something About Tuesday: Ordinary

  1. It rained a little here this afternoon, and when I stepped outside it all smelled so damp and earthy. Natural and fresh. Alive and new.

  2. Such a great reminder to be in the moment and thankful for the ordinary 🙂 I don’t always remember, especially in the long days of March.

    1. At least this March has been particularly kind to us. I’m looking forward to Spring Break when we can slow down a little…and maybe we’ll have some nice warm weather to go with it. Otherwise I’ll be glad this blog is forcing me to find the good in EVERYTHING 😉

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