My Writing

My writing has a tendency to be as varied as the colors in a garden . . . I suppose that’s because I have so many aspects of my life that sneak out in my work.


I have two books that are currently in progress.

The Way of the Sharaw

My mother’s people have a story, a legend, that speaks of a time so dark they say the sun will have turned his back on the mountains and swallowed the moon. When the Sharaw, a man become tiger, will come, screaming in silence, his anger and fear twisted into prowling revenge on the darkness. 

A handful of months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, missionaries Kailyn Moran, her father, and Ryan James, prepare for the imminent Japanese attack on their village high in the mountains of Burma. Despite their work and faith they are faced with the destruction of everything they love, and must choose between forgiveness and the way of revenge–the way of the Sharaw.

Coming Home

Charlotte Anne Mattas is barely holding on, waiting for the end of WWII and her husband, James, to return home to Hot Springs, Arkansas. She’s raising her baby girl and James’ teenage sister, all while trying to keep food on the table and the peach orchard alive. But when James returns, it isn’t the homecoming she expected. James is still fighting the war in his mind, leaving Lottie bruised in both mind and body. To make matters worse, James takes on the local illegal gambling syndicate, which includes Lottie’s estranged father. Both Lottie and James must heal from both past and present circumstances if they have any hope of a future.

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Reflections on Surrender

The story of this book is an odd one. I illustrated it. Now I’m not a trained artist, but had started practicing an art form called Zentangle with my girl. A friend of mine, Shannon Popkin, wrote an amazing book, Control Girl, and we were talking about ways that folks could internalize the message of giving up control and the idea for the coloring book was born.


All About God’s Animals:

The board books in the All About God’s Animals series will delight toddlers and first-time readers alike. As kids play with and read each of these books, they will encounter many animals from God’s beautiful and varied creation.







      Around the Water All About God's Animals: Around the Water


That Sinking Feeling

A story full of adventure and mystery. Audrey and Max learn life-changing lessons about God’s love and forgiveness as they dive for clues in this brain-twisting burglary case.That Sinking Feeling


Other Writing

Dove Foundation Parenting Blog In addition to being the managing editor, I blog monthly for parents who are intentional about raising their kids.

Breathe Conference is a blog with encouragement and tips for writers. I blog semi-regularly for them from the perspective of both a writer and an editor.

Crosshair Press Everyone needs a sidekick. A blog about friendship.

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