Life Between the Snapshots

Between SnapshotsThere are a stack beautiful picture books nestled into a tray on my coffee table. They’re my kids favorite books. Probably because the books are actually family albums and full of reminders of the fun times we’ve had together. There’s the rare picture they hate (like the one of my son crying because he’s covered head-to-toe in permanent marker) or prefer the world not to see (like the one with the goofy expression).

Mostly the family albums portray me and my world the way I wish they were–Picture Perfect.

But there’s more to the story. There’s life between the snapshots. There’s the time I wanted to take video of my kids goofing around in the rain, being adorable. It was perfect Facebook fodder–at least in my head.

My live feed failed half-way through (because I’m completely incompetent) and by the time I got there, they were running away.

So I sent them back, and they did this (I abbreviated the violence for you. You’re welcome.):


So I hollered at them to cut it out and do the cute thing again:

And which do you think I posted on Facebook?

Of course I chose the one where my kids were NOT having the smack down. So despite what my Twitter feed, or my Facebook wall shows, I’m most definitely not perfect.

I’m not picture perfect. There’s life between the snapshots.Tweet This

I’ve good kids and a good life, but we’re far from squeaky clean. We rather goofy, a smidgen socially awkward, and enjoy a good smack down now and again.

As a kid I remember my mom in a restaurant being so frustrated with my siblings and I, she was nearly apoplectic. She finally got so fed up she said, “I am never babysitting these kids again!”, slapped cash down for the check, got up, and left–the four of us hoodlums trailing behind her.

Yep. I’ve been tempted to emulate my mom some days–complete, public, and loud denial of the yucky stuff.

It’s hard to live real life between the cute and nice everyone sees. There’s stuff I don’t write about (really there is). Things I want to pretend don’t belong to me or my life. Stuff that’s happened in the past that I push back so far back I’m able to pretend it never happened. Most folks wouldn’t know. Wouldn’t guess.

And that’s okay. Most of the time. But I do have my moments. Because, let’s face it, we all have those moments. Times when the smile falters and the mask slips. As your friend, if you loan me some grace when I’m a blithering idiot, ugly crying mess, or a yelling lunatic, and I’ll lend you some too.

And then we’ve done it. Somehow you and I or maybe my kids or my dog or my friends or the sky pull it out and are so incredibly awesome, I have to take another picture. And that’s the way of it. Isn’t it? If we wait long enough and look for it, life has a way of coming round. While it isn’t picture perfect, it’s perfect for me.

What’s one thing your kids or friends have done that make you want to pretend they aren’t yours? Or what’s the one thing you’ve done this week that you wish you hadn’t?


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6 thoughts on “Life Between the Snapshots

  1. We are a life between the snapshots family. I love it when people are real. I remember to breathe. Last week before school starts… we have for sure had some smack downs!

  2. My mom used to have to take 6 of us kids to the grocery store. I remember her getting so embarrassed by our behavior a couple of times that she said, “You children go find your mother.” I love that lady!

  3. I’ve been pretty blessed with both my children. Sure there’s the time my youngest got caught shoplifting or my oldest was told she’d never have a child (they lied – God’s always in charge), however, any change wouldn’t make them who they are today.

    We’d all love to have only the perfect snapshots, not the behind the scenes. Too often we look at others and wish for their happy w/o considering their lows. And everyone has valleys. It’s just a matter of how you react that causes the height of your mountain.

    1. It’s absolutely easy to hide our flaws…I have to say my kids are generally really good kids. The worst is my girl sometimes is a little too frank and vocal in her assessment of things. She’s usually right, but that makes it all the more uncomfortable!

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