There’s Something About . . . Clouds

There's Something About CloudsToday is cloudy, some might say dreary . . . okay, most days I would say it was dreary.

But I’ve been trying to look deeper into those things that look ugly, and I realized something–

There’s beauty inside that grey.

The sky is blanketed, in wisps of deep purple, whispering over blue and grey. Somber, cool, quiet.

I struggle to see that beauty sometimes, but I realized the other day that without the clouds, the beauty of sunrise and sunsets are just missing a little something. It takes some darkness, some flaws to paint a really amazing sky…

Sunset with Trees
Line in the SkyLight piercing dark

…So you see. There’s something about clouds.

2 thoughts on “There’s Something About . . . Clouds

    1. Why thank you. Photography is another way that help me to really see what’s happening around me. When I have a camera, it forces me to look for the beauty that is always there.

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