There’s Something About . . . Light

Tree StarTomorrow is Christmas and it doesn’t quite feel that way.
Outside it’s grey and brown rather than white and blue.

I’m sitting at my table, and it feels strange to have frantically wrapped presents until 1 am, and baked until my kitchen was coated in a fine dust of flour and sugar. I’m ready, but not

I spent the last few months getting ready for Christmas, but I lost that place I’ve been learning to protect. That tiny little light inside that reminds me to breathe, to be still. It feels a little dark.

So I choose to sit for a moment contemplating my Christmas tree, following the trail of tiny lights through the green boughs as it winds through handmade ornaments, pictures, imitation birds, and angels, behind red ribbon and bows until the lights taper with the tree to the top where a star is perched, glowing white.

And I think I found Christmas again. It’s there in the light where it battles the darkness, the franticness of life.

I’m amazed at what happens when a group of tiny lights all get together. They conquer the dark.

Wishing you all a light-filled Merry Christmas.

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