There’s Something About Spring Unfurled

It’s time for one of the two Thursdays of every month where I give a nod to the things that make us stop and say, “There’s something about . . .”


Spring. The warm air breathes life and this weekend, I drank it in. Weeding, prepping beds, setting up our trampoline, photographing all the life.

Every new leaf budding in a green so hot and bright it nearly melts the frosty morning on its own. The colors seem so out of place bursting above Winter’s dead debris. How yellow stamps out the cold snaps that carry snow on currents of Jack frost breath, I’ll never know. But it does.

IMG_4870 IMG_4868



Over the weekend, I’m afraid I overstayed in the sun and the sting of it lingers into this gloomy, rain-threatened day. And it is GLORIOUS.

Spring uncurls, throwing out tendrils with abandon, green racing through monotones crashing into reds and yellows. Daffodils once bent hard against the snow spring back up in defiance. “We have overcome.” They are rather like Santa Claus returning to Narnia, triumphant, flamboyant. I can nearly hear their bells ring in harmony with the jingles of Saint Nick’s sleigh. Could there be a better sound than the ringing bells of daffodils?


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It is so much easier here, in Spring, to find the classic beauty–the beautiful that is also pretty. Even the morning’s dawn is a unique, special gold. I breathe better somehow in warmth. Goodness and grace flow out more freely. And I remind myself to slow and savor.

There can be no disputing . . . there is something about Spring.

I don’t know that I can claim a favorite part, but perhaps you can. In the interest of sharing and counting the good things together, tell us one (or more) of your favorite things about spring.

4 thoughts on “There’s Something About Spring Unfurled

    1. It is definitely one of my favorites times of the year. The past few years I’ve really tried hard to appreciate winter more. I’m making progress, but I’m fairly sure it will never surpass spring!

  1. Color! Over the winter, I’m starved for color. Now Forsythia! Redbud! Flowering plums! Magnolia!

    1. I know. There is something beautiful about the monotone of winter, but I do miss the color. I think I would miss seasons if I didn’t have them any more. The changes seem to be timed perfectly to give us relief from the last season…although I could do with a shorter winter. Just saying!

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