When Your World Seems Cold and Dreary…

Winter, at least in Michigan, has a reputation for being one color all the time. In case you’re unaware of the percentage of sunshine we had in January (somewhere below 0%), that color is grey.

The winter world does tend to be monotone—reflecting the color of the sky. But I noticed something recently. As the world wakes with even the slightest hint of light, the sky turns a royal blue.

It isn’t the shocking color of a summer sky, but a quiet breathing of blue. And the snow, picking up on the first strums of morning, reflects it back. Until the whole world is blue, shifting slowly to pink until everything is on fire with the intensity of the sunrise.

It’s a world only a cold snowy day can provide. Who knew snow could create such fire? And maybe, just maybe, we appreciate it all the more for the surrounding grey.

So when your world seems cold, monotone, dreary even, remember just a little bit of light changes everything.

8 thoughts on “When Your World Seems Cold and Dreary…

    1. Why thank you, Pearl. The more you “train” to find beauty, the more you see it too. I have to admit that winter is NEVER easy for me. But I’m steadily getting better at seeing the good in the cold season 🙂

    1. Thanks Richard. I love the category Found Poetry. I might have to borrow that though I don’t know that I can call myself a poet! I am, at heart, a novelist, but I’ve been told my strength is the lyrical nature of my scene description.

    1. You’re welcome for the encouragement. I think all of us Michiganders appreciate a little light in the cold months.

  1. Beautifully written and illustrated with your skyscape. When I finished reading it I thought about how one lit match can be seen high about the earth. A single candle can light guide us along a path. This led to my thought of how opening and reading God’s Word brings light and color to our lives.
    Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”

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