Writing a Picture

WritingPart of an artist’s job is to see the things other people miss and introduce the two. As a novelist, I walk through life almost constantly distracted, curious about the frost creeping up the garage window, the lichen on a tree, the distinctive way someone walks or speaks.

I have files of disjointed impressions, thoughts, people, and scenes that just might eventually find their way into my writing. It’s me introducing something I saw or heard to you, my reader.

For example, I wrote this quick scene after walking my son to the bus stop. It was cold and my breath puffed in front of me as we walked by the forest path. And I suddenly pictured a frightened girl walking the path and just catching something out of the corner of her eye…

I blinked and he was gone. The vapor from his breath still rising in the air. Unconnected. Alone. I turned slow circles. Searching again.
The shadows shifted amongst the trees and I knew they’d sent him.
The colors bled around me watercolors dripping through space. Collecting at my feet.
My fingertips faded first and I watched as they dribbled into the flowing path.

Particularly for historical elements, I often write off photographs. And that got me thinking that maybe you folks might have interesting photographs that you’d be willing to share.

If you do, send me your pic to janyre@BeautifulUglyMe.com (along with permission to post the pic), and I’ll write a poem or short story and post it here for everyone else to read.

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